Here are Some Reasons Marc Marquez is Difficult to Win the 2022 MotoGP World Championship

By | June 14, 2022

MotoGP 2022 this time  is already officially running, currently  it has entered the European zone.  The competition in the  MotoGP standings is fairly hot with the arrival of new names.   Marc Marquez’s  return is also  one of  the  things to look forward to, but if you look at the  competition map, there are three reasons Marc Marquez is difficult to win this year’s world championship.

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 Some doubt that Marc Marquez will be competitive again  as  before. Many doubt Marquez will be champion  this year for  several reasons. On  this occasion, KAMI wants to review the  reasons why Marc Marquez will have a hard time claiming to win this year’s world   champion.

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Reasons Marc Marquez is difficult to win this year :

1. Inconsistent.

A poor start  is one of  the reasons Marc Marquez is difficult to win this year’s MotoGP championship. Marquez has been unable to  perform consistently since the start of this 2022  season.  The number 93  driver  had difficulties on some tracks, including at the  Mandalika circuit, Indonesia, at  this circuit Marquez suffered a fairly severe accident.

  Marc Marquez’s  inconsistency is certainly the impact of the  injury he has suffered since two years ago.  The injury  apparently affected Marc Marquez’s  performance on a Honda bike. So that’s the  first reason why Marc Marquez will struggle to claim  this year’s MotoGP world   champion.

2. Not solid with the  motor.

The factory Honda  team certainly thought hard when left injured  by Marc Marquez since 2 years ago.   The Japanese manufacturer made the decision by creating a bike that suits  thewishes of Marc Marquez’s tandem, Pol  Espargaro. That’s  why  Marc Marquez is difficult to win this year’s world championship.

 The change in the direction of development turned out to have an impact on  Marc Marquez’s performance on the track.  So  the Spaniard is said to  have to adapt  first  to his new Honda. So  that’s the second reason why Marquez is predicted to fail to grab this world  champion who has run several series.

3. The quality of competitors improves.

The reason Marc Marquez is difficult to win dun he’s MotoGP  this year is because of  the improved quality of the competitors.  The competition  over the track is getting hotter and hotter  with  the rise of bikes like the  Aprilia  team. This year marks the first time  Aprilia has won a  MotoGP race since a few years ago.

 It proves how much the quality of  competitors has improved  this year. This is  one  of the reasons why Marc Marquez will have difficulty taking over the standings.  Because the increase in  the competitor’s bike  will interfere with Marc Marquez’s  pace on the track

The reason Marc Marquez is difficult to win  this year’s world is also seen from the increasing development of the Ducati  team.   You need to  know that currently  Ducati is unloading 8 bikes on the track. That  certainly makes it difficult for other  drivers, including Marc Marquez, to be able to  win every series that  is contested.

This   reason  is certainly  one of  the  most  reasonable reasons when looking at the results of the races recently. The Ducati team always fills the  front row to annoy the  other riders. So that’s the reason why Marc Marquez  will  have a hard time for the MotoGP world  champion in  2022.

For  MotoGP  lovers, of course, this year has been one of  the  best years.  Because the presence of  the Aprilia team, which becomes competitive, will bringthe excitement of MotoGP.  Speaking of  MotoGP, we have reviewed some of  the reasons Marc Marquez is difficult to win motoGP  this year.